General conditions for barn hire

Hirer: the person over 18 who has signed the booking form and takes the responsibility for the hiring of the facilities.

Management:  Directors of Emma Fretwell Animals  and Chiropractic Services Ltd (Emma Fretwell Ltd).

You must be aged 18 or over to make a booking.

To use the agility equipment you need to be competing at Kennel Club agility shows, UK A agility shows or attend an introduction session or private lesson here.
Please pay when you book.

For block hire – All bookings need to be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance. All bookings to be paid in full at the time of booking. Payments are non refundable but dates are transferable to other free times with one months notice – (this can only be done once for each booking, further transfers will incur an administration charge of £10).

For whole or half day event hire of the barn:
5% discount if paid up in full on booking more than 2 months before the event -no refund at any time.
If paying full price then the deposit of 25% is refundable up to 2 months before the event. Thereafter, non refundable.
All deposits transferrable to an alternative date if 1 month's notice is given.

Please email for availability.

At the end of the session/event please replace all agility equipment to where you found it and leave the barn tidy for the next user. Please wash your cups and utensils, dry and return to storage. Please leave the facility as you would like to find it.

All dogs to be on leads except when working or in the paddock.  Please pick up after your dogs.  Bins are provided.

Dogs must not be allowed to toilet in the barn, please ensure they have time to toilet outside beforehand. Any accidents must be sprayed with urine-off and £1 left in the pot towards the chemical costs.

Breakages or other damage will need to be paid for; please report all breakages straightaway. Management accepts no responsibility for you, your dog or any belongings whilst training or in attendance at K9ASE. Everything you do here is entirely at your own risk.

Tea and coffee are available, fresh milk is the responsibility of the hirer, please provide your own milk.
Please ensure your booking finishes on time, the toilets and car park are left clean & tidy. Please make sure the parking is supervised at the change over times, parking can get chaotic, and there is strictly no parking on the grass verges at all. There are shallow mains pipes along both verges of the drive, and when people drive over them or park on them they split and burst.

Please make sure you switch off the lights and the kettle and close the double doors when you leave, as well as the main door, unless the next user is present.

Children must be strictly supervised at all times, and not left to roam freely. The parent will be asked to leave the training facilities if the child is unsupervised.

Locking up

We expect the hirer of the facilities to be the last one to leave the premises. Please do not abandon your clients here, unless by prior arrangement. If you are the last one here and the next hirer has not turned up yet, please lock the main gate at the end of the drive on your way out. This MUST be done if you are the last one out at the end of an evening.

Shut down procedures:
1. Make sure both doors are shut – double doors to menage and green main door.
2. Turn off the kettle, lights and any other electrical equipment.
3. Lock main gate with padlock.