A dedicated dog training facility.

Brought to you by Emma Fretwell, canine chiropractor and injury rehabilitation specialist.

Welcome to K9ASE

At K9ASE We have a 32msq outdoor floodlit menage, a 10m x 30m indoor 3G astroturf, grass training space, kitchen and toilet facilities, and car parking for 20 cars. We are easily accessible from M5, M42, M40, M50, set back off the road, and have well fenced areas to train your dog.

K9ASE is available for events, individual, private and group hire. Training, 121’s, classes and courses are available for both agility and obedience, from foundation levels throughout the ranks. Small training camps can be catered for with at least 2 months notice.

Our facilities and equipment are maintained throughout the year to ensure all is in tip-top condition.


Our trainers

Stuart Doughty
Is based here, providing individual and group training for agility.

T: 07756250166
W: stuartdoughtyagility.webs.com
F: Stuart Doughty Agility Training

Worcester Dog Training Club
Hold weekly training meetings for Competitive Obedience.

T: 07766636711

Sandra Spruce
Provides 121 and group training for foundation Obedience through to Introduction to Competitive Obedience, and Body Awareness & Conditioning courses. She is also running some pre-foundation puppy classes too.

T: 07760372402
F: West Oxon Competitive Obedience/Advanced Dog Training

Injury assessment and treatment for your dog

There is also an on-site treatment facility, run by Emma Fretwell. She provides Canine Chiropractic assessments and treatments, injury detection and rehabilitation, as well as fitness plans, or problem solving with any training issues.


We are situated in Evesham, Worcestershire, easily accessible from Birmingham, Gloucester, Worcester, Wales, within a triangle of motorways – M5, M40, M42, M50, situated just off the main A44 / A46 on the Evesham ring road.